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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Alpha Lipid Lifeline and Ultra Diet II (Slim Diet II) available Worldwide !

Alpha Lipid Lifeline and Ultra Diet II (Slim Diet II in Malaysia and Singapore) are shipped to any countries around the world. People in europe, US, South America, Africa, Middle East, Asia would submit an order to me and i will ship these products to you.

Currently, New Image Asia (parent company) has branch in a few countries. The most active branch is in Malaysia. another NINE offices are in Japan (feb 2010), South Africa, Australia, Taiwan, Singapore, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Philippines and New Zealand (HQ).

For customer who live in these 10 countries, you can get Alpha Lipid Lifeline and Ultra Diet II faster and with LOCAL DELIVERY CHARGE (courier service). SUBMIT AN ORDER NOW!

Here is the price (per can) for a few countries :

Malaysia :
-Alpha Lipid Lifeline                 RM 180
-Slim Diet II                             RM 144

-Alpha Lipid Lifeline                SG 90

-Alpha Lipid Lifeline                Rp 543125
-Ultra Diet II                           Rp 429000

-Alpha Lipid Lifeline               PHP 2433
-Ultra Diet II                          PHP 2068

for other countries, you may email me. I can request from HQ.
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Monday, March 1, 2010

New Image Asia / International : A Business Without Barriers or Borders

Many professionals find that the barriers in more traditional careers DO NOT exist in network marketing. New Image Asia / International is one of the network marketing companies that promotes meritocracy in business. There is no "glass ceiling" for women, no "color barrier" for racial and ethnic minorities, no "limited access" for the physically disabled, no "age discrimination" confronting the elderly. 

Everybody has chances to perform and succeed in New Image Asia / International. Each individual rises or falls based on his or her efforts. NO PAIN, NO GAIN! This is an appealing prospect for many and a somewhat frightening one for others, for when all EXCUSES and REAL and perceived barriers are stripped away, all that is left is one's own success or failure.

Network marketing business can indeed be a flexible business that allows practitioners to operate with little or no overhead or inventory according to their own schedule and lifestyle. In francise business,  YOU need around RM 4 million (USD 1.18 million) as a start up cost to operate McDonald, and around RM 600k - 700k (USD 177k -206k) for Old Town White Coffee.  But in New Image Asia business, you just need around RM4300-RM4500( USD 1260 - 1328), ONE-TIME investment ! worst case scenario, you and your family can consume it(and stay healthy) and best case scenario is you will get rich and healthy, insyallah. At the same time, we help other people to stay healthy!win-win situation..You can get thousands or hundred thousands dollar per month! it's up to you. Demand for Alpha Lipid and Slim Diet II are really high in Asia Pasific region currently. This business also already expanding to Japan and South Africa this year.

It's doesn't matter where you live or where you come from, whether you have disabilities, or what your native language is - your territory is now the world!!!!! New Image Asia / International business is global business. Doesn't matter if you are not in Malaysia, we still can do this business from your country! UK, japan, Saudi Arabia, thailand, indonesia, South Africa, USA, Germany, Italy, Bangladesh, Myanbar, Korea, France ?, just name it! Shoot us an email or call us to know in details how you can joint this business ! 

Many people consider this New Image business as their "virtual" business : an office without walls, a warehouse without inventory, an asset without capital and a company without staff. Welcome to New Image Asia / International. We will help you to stay healthy and at the same time helping those prospects out there to change their life, FOREVER!

Mohd Farhan
Business Consultant
NZ New Image International (public listed company in New Zealand).
Call / email : +6012-9892612 / farhan_alphalipid@yahoo.com
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