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Monday, October 3, 2011

Wellness Industry Opportunity. Are you In ?

Interview on main stream TV where Paul Zane Pilzer explains why the opportunities available in the new and emerging wellness industry will help create more millionaires than ever before.

Watch these Videos and let me know what do you think about this opportunity. Are you interested to know more? you decide. 

Turn on your speaker and listen carefully.

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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Are You A Professional Network Marketer ?

1. Show up every day and do what is necessary – They do the WORK even though they may not be in the mood. They take ACTION! 

Amateurs work when they feel like it.

2. Self-Starter - They don’t need their upline to call and inspire and motivate them. They don’t need their hand held. 

Amateurs wait for someone to inspire them.

3. Belief in what they are doing and the products and opportunity they represent. More than 6000++ research and clinical papers regarding colostrum. 

Amateurs don’t even use the products they are promoting.

4. Self-Educator – In any industry there is a learning curve. Professionals in any industry learn the ins and outs of their field. They stay up to date with the latest news and training. They are always learning and growing. Seminar, ebook, blog and forum are good a few places to get the latest info.People shared their tips and experience. learn and implement it..

Amateurs don’t want to be bothered with learning.

5. Responsible - They take responsibility for their own success or failure. Your sponsor and upline team can participate in your growth by training and helping you do the right things, but ultimately they cannot build your business and make you succeed or fail.They know. “If it is to be, It’s up to ME.” 

Amateurs blame their failure on the upline, the company, the economy, or a number of other excuses.

6. Invest in their Business – From buying and using products to training, advertising, supplies, etc. They invest time and money in their business. advertisement in newspaper and magazine still considered affordable if a group of people willing to join and share the cost. 

Amateurs don’t spend time or money on their business.

Do you want to be a professional Network Marketer or Amateur ? You decide.

New Image International offers good opportunity in wellness industry. The company has been in this business more than 25 years, and currently the largest supplier of colostrum in the world. 

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