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Sunday, September 19, 2010

NZ New Image Asia : Meet the Network Marketing criteria outlined by Harvard Business School

Network Marketing is being taught in more than 200 colleges including Harvard Business School. After extensive research into the network marketing industry, Harvard Business School developed three criteria that a network marketing company must meet in order to make it a most desirable opportunity. They are:


1. The company should be at least 18 months old, as 90% of all network marketing companies that fail do so in the first 18 months.  

NZ New Image - 3++ years old  in Malaysia.

2. The company should have a product which is unique and highly consumable, unique in this case means that you have an exclusive product that can only be purchased from your company’s distributors. Having a product that is highly consumable means repeated sales, thereby guaranteeing customers loyalty versus a one time sale and having to locate new customers.

 [UNIQUE] - Alpha Lipid using Colostrum Grade - 10 (highest quality and grade). Slim Diet II using PhD research by two medical professors from Harvard Medical School. 

[REPEAT SALE] - 1 can AL is good for a month, while 1 can SDII for a week.

3.It needs to be a "ground floor" opportunity. Harvard Business School suggests that in order for the opportunity to qualify as "ground floor" the number of existing active distributors should be less than ½ of 1% of the population. For example, (135 000 active agents in Malaysia) in the country where this network marketing company exists. Harvard Business School also stated that if there were less than 500,000 people involved, you would be on the cutting edge of a great opportunity. If the company has less than 100,000 distributors, Harvard Business School considers it to be a once in a lifetime opportunity.

NZ New Image agents in malaysia keep growing the meet the demands of our powerful products like Alpha lipid Lifeline and Slim Diet II. 

so, what do you think my friends? Selling NON UNIQUE products are very hard. With New Image Asia, we confident that our products are distinct and unique compare to other products in the market. Can you find other products which has grade-10 colostrum in the market WITH product liability of NZD $ 20 million (RM 44 million) ? if yes, tell us.

This is your opportunity to join world class network marketing company. We help you to stay healthy and eliminate poverty through business opportunity. The choice is yours. 

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Saturday, September 4, 2010

Alpha Lipid : Colostrum Anti Aging Effect

I'm very sure many people like this topic. ANTI AGING EFFECT. Colostrum has been studied by doctors, researched around the world since last century. These researchers found that, Anti Aging effect is one of many benefits reap from colostrum. 

After adolescence, the body's production of growth hormones, which are needed for cell reproduction and maintenance, begins to decline steadily. By age 60, the body secretes little or no growth hormones, and AGING accelerates rapidly. 

The immune system also starts to decline while we are still young so that by age 65, function of the thymus gland and the T-cells (two key players in immune functioning) are greatly reduced and the body's ability to respond aggressively and effectively to pathogens is about 50 percent of what it used to be. 

Other changes associated with aging include wear and tear on the joints, loss of skin elasticity, decreased functioning of the endocrine glands with a resulting reduction in the number of circulating hormones, decreased output of insulin by the pancreas, and decreased activity by the adrenal glands (which are responsible for regulating the body's response to stress). 

Yes, we do age, but we do not have to grow old. Colostrum supplies the body with growth factors (hormones) as well as stimulates the endocrine system to keep producing its own supply of hormones. 

Research strongly indicates that the combination of growth factors and immune factors found in colostrum work together to create a potent anti-aging effect. Some of the effects include tighter skin, which results in a reduction of wrinkles and regrowth of cells and tissue of organs that normally decrease in size with age. 

Source : Colostrum Nature's Healing Miracle, page 22, CNR, Inc. 2002
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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Alpha Lipid : Colostrum, nature's gift to immune system

We know that the long-term health is directly proportionate to the amount of time, energy and education that is spent on learning about and achieving health. 

Long-term, sustained health is contingent upon activating, regulating, balancing and nourishing the immune system on a daily basis. The strength of the immune system is directly responsible for our state of health. When the integrity of our immune system is in some way compromised, it is impossible for us to obtain or maintain good health. we must be in control of our immune system.

When our bodies become overwhelmed with toxins, pollutants or pathogens the regulatory features of the immune system shuts down. This often results in an immune-compromised condition. At other times, our immune system becomes over stimulated while trying to combat various pathogens. Due to the large number of these foreign substances and pathogens that we continually ingest, our immune system is constantly working. to be effective force against pathogens and toxins, the immune system requires SPECIFIC NOURISHMENT, which is COLOSTRUM!

We always exposed ourselves to toxins from drugs, cigarettes, highly processed food, unhealthy fast food, unsafe water, polluted water, antibiotics, and stress imposed by our job, family or friends. Under normal circumstances, our immune system do not bother us and we do not even know they are present. An overwhelmed immune system will eventually break down, leaving us vulnerable to many illnesses and diseases. Are you sure you are 100 % healthy? how many times you go to fast food restaurant? Can you confirm the water that you drink at home is 100 % clean? 

 Colostrum is considered as nature's gift. it can help you to stay healthy not just for infants, but for all human from all walks of life. 
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Alpha Lipid Lifeline : What Doctor says about Colostrum ? : Dr Nikki Marie Welch

Sedona doctor Nikki Marie Welch, MD, MD(H), uses colostrum in her practice to treat a variety of conditions, including lowered immune function, chronic infections, auto-immune diseases, colds, flu and allergies. 

Dr. Welch, who graduated from Duke University and Johns Hopkins University and did post-graduate work at Yale, is Board-certified in Internal Medicine. “I use a lot of cutting-edge nutritional supplements in my practice — it’s part of my commitment to ‘build wellness from within’ that is my basic mission.”

“I prescribe colostrum to about one third of my patients. The anecdotal evidence shows that patients are thriving after taking the supplement — that their conditions usually improve substantially. And if we can help the patient get better without standard drugs, we do it. I think the new cutting-edge nutritional biochemistry is very exciting — and that includes colostrum.” 

“The factors found in colostrum work together naturally to enhance the immune system, whereas single isolated components, such as interferon, are far more likely to have unwanted side effects, and are, at this time, extremely experimental in nature,” she continued.

“When I discovered colostrum, I confirmed that it had been extensively studied by highly reputable doctors, scientists and organizations. This led me to feel a lot more comfortable about it than a lot of other untested remedies.”

Dr. Welch added “I have learned that colostrum varies in quality depending on the source, and that it is important to source colostrum that has been processed correctly so that it retains its biological potency.”
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