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Sunday, July 24, 2011

What makes Alpha Lipid Lifeline colostrum different from others?

It is difficult to comment on the purity and quality of other colostrum products without knowing exactly what is in them and how they are manufactured; however, we can happily inform you about the quality and purity of our New Image products.

New Zealand sourced colostrum comes from healthy cows that are allowed to roam freely and are pasture-fed and are naturally immunised against a wide variety of microbes. 

New Zealand colostrum is pooled from thousands of cows which providing a broad base of immune factors to be used.

Each tanker-load of colostrum collected is tested to ensure that it meets the safe limits set by Codex for pesticide, insecticide and antibiotic residues. Any problem batches can easily be traced back to the farm in question so that quality control processes can be reviewed. 

This product is certified Halal by New Zealand Islamic Council. Each shipment will be issued with ONE halal certificate for that particular shipment only. If there are 4 shipments per day, then 4 separate HALAL certificates will be issued. 

To the best of our knowledge there has been no contact with genetically modified organisms, plants, animals or processes. We have certification from our supplier ensuring that none of the materials or products are subject to irradiation in any form and that New Zealand cows are free of Mad Cow Disease, foot and mouth disease and that hormones are banned and NOT administered to the cows.

Each serve (1 ½ scoops) of the New Image Alpha Lipid Lifeline provides 2,000mg of bovine colostrum that has a special patented Alpha Lipid liposomal delivery system. 

This alpha-lipid coating is a fat derived from milk that replicates the globules in milk produced by mammary glands and forms globules around the proteins of the colostrum which protects it through the digestive tract (stomach acid and digestive fluids) so that it can reach the small intestine intact.

Alpha Lipid Lifeline powder also contains sphyngomyelin, a special phospholipid that is important for nerve and brain function.

From the 2,000mg of colostrum there is 300mg of immunoglobulins IgG present – this equates to 15%.Other immunoglobulins are also present in the Alpha Lipid Lifeline (e.g. IgA and IgM). 

Additional to the 2,000mg of colostrum per serve are 1 billion colony forming units (CFUs) of beneficial probiotics (Lactobacillus acidophilus & bifidobacterium) which provide further benefits to gut and immune health. 

Alpha Lipid Lifeline also contains a number of vitamins and minerals, including 1,000mg (per serve) of calcium.

We are proud of our products and confident that they are of the highest quality, from the health of the cows all the way through to the manufacturing of the finished product.

Alpha Lipid Lifeline powder contains a number of nutrients that are not found in competitor brand colostrum product, making it not a directly comparable product. When making your decision about what product to use, we recommend that you research the quality of the raw ingredients, the manufacturing process and the quality of the information provided about the products.

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