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Monday, January 17, 2011

Colostrum versus cancer--- nature's miracle cure on the threshold of the fountain of youth and the holy grail - A real story from a Doctor in Malaysia

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Please read this and let me know what u think. I'd appreciate the feedback. This is supposed to be the foreward to my project, a prometheus before its goes in more specific manner into colostrum from introduction etc.

I hope to someday make this into a book. Going through quite a bit so this is as far as i got. Would appreciate feedback so much. mentioned it twice, so i hope u get the point:)

Colostrum has been known for centuries for its health benefits. Many would balk at the thought of cow's milk being the miracle cure humanity has been looking for, but in fact, many fail to realise that colostrum is not mere milk!

When Albert Sabin developed the first polio vaccine, he used colostrum. When antibiotics were first developed, Penicillin was isolated using colostrum, and the creator of Penicillin , Alexander Flemming, warned against the dangers of over-depending on antobiotics. True enough, today we are faced with super-strains of bacteria which have formed resistence against antibiotics, and antibiotic resistance is the biggest health issue in the world today. it is indeed directly related to the number one cause of death in Malaysian hospitals-- septicaemia, which is bacterial infection in the blood-- a terminal condition resulting from many diseases.

We only get colostrum from our mothers during our first few hours of life, and that is the basis of our life-long immunity.Unfortunately, as we become older, we dont get our mother's milk nor can we ask for colostrum from our lactating neighbour's wife!

Cow's colostrum is indeed the BEST source of colostrum to maintain our health, and numerous research has proven how New Zealand colostrum is the best source. New Zealand has the world's best standard of quality in dairy farming. The fact that there are 4 times more cows than humans in New Zealand makes it the ideal source of HERD IMMUNITY and antibody pool in the world.

This cannot be achieved elsewhere and hence, New Zealand cow's provide the highest source of antibodies in the planet, which we can utilize to fight diseases. Not only that, in New Zealand, due to its stringent laws in dairy farming, there are no antobiotics, hormones, chemicals or whatsoever involved.

On top of that, the cows are free to roam pastures, and these pastures do not use fertilizers or pesticides! And a very important element in the equation is that in New Zealand, the colostrum is manufactured for market fresh! Unlike in US whereby they collect colostrum in batches and freeze it, and only send it for manufacture once there is sufficient quantity, in New Zealand, it is not the case, so the quality is quaranteed!

Man has long searched for a miracle cure and i am fortunate today that i have found that source. We are closer today to the cure for cancer and the fountain of youth-- a fact that many have yet to realise! The reason why most people lack belief in what colostrum can do, is due to the overwhelming availability of so many products out there tauted to be the best for our health.

In the quest for entrepreneurship, many businessmen inundate the market with so many health products of dubious benefits, but with great promises-- that consumers buy. The consumers on the other hand--despite this being the day and age of the internet-- only get more confused because it is hard for the average consumer to do a thorough research, especially when they are pressed for time, or the overload of information.

Only health professionals know which sources online that they can fully trust, but for the average person, they would buy wholesale whatever they find online as gospel truth.

I had the great opportunity to meet Dr Michail borissenko (Institute of Colostrum Research Scientist) himself when he came down to KL in 3rd quarter of 2009. i spoke to him in length. I myself was gasping for direction and proof as i've taken on my shoulders the responsibility to disseminate truth.

He gave me personal access to him, and promised to give me all the relevant information and research papers i needed in my quest to provide the proof i needed as a doctor, that colostrum indeed does wonders. He did not disappoint. i was the first in this country, probably, to get first hand information from him, and among other things, he provided me with his presentation on cancer, together with all the relevant research material, on the benefits of colostrum to cancer patients. So the biggest thank you goes to him. I hope i do him justice with this effort.

Here I strive to make that knowledge available to all.

I am a doctor because I love helping others. Its a passion. The reason i discontinued my medical career though, is because i truly believe that I may do even more from outside the constraints and limitations of a medical career.

I believe the world needs good and dedicated cardiothoracic surgeons to save lives, as much as we need cab drivers, cleaners,road sweepers, technicians, hawkers etc, to keep the world ticking. I would've been the best cardiothoracic surgeon in the world, but i left as i believe i have much too much to offer than that.

A superspecialist like a cardiothoracic surgeon does safe many lives, but for a person like me with a great passion to make a difference, and only a few more decades to do that, i need to follow a path of greater significance to touch the lives of many more.

And before i embark on my utilitarian and idealistic path, i need to first, gain the financial freedom, to repay my parents in the last few years of their lives, and to stop worrying about money! So that i can write and travel.

I believe the pen is mightier than the sword, or in my case, the scalpel. Being in the right place, at the right time, just a stroke of the pen, may save many more lives than i can ever hope to by even being the best surgeon in the world!

When i was young, i used to watch Beyond 2000, the tv programme, with great interest. They spoke about how, in the future, humans would consume only pills and tablets, which would provide them with all the energy, nutrients that would ever need. I came across tales of the quest for the fountain of youth by ??? and how ??? mummified the pharoahs in hope of resurrection in the future. We know of people getting cryogenically frozen when they have terminal diseases which have no cure now, in hope of getting thawed when the cure is found later.

We are on the verge of finding a cure for HIV, and in fact, cancer. Yet, every now and then we come across new diseases that threatens to wipe out the whole of humanity, like H1N1 or super bird flu and such.

Fact is, patients with even terminal stages of cancer have found a new life with regression of disease with colostrum. Yes there are many, many promising cures out there, but none as wholesome and readily available, than colostrum!

Colostrum today, is the most researched supplement in the world. It has over TEN THOUSAND research papers, published in medical and health journals for various diseases from Diabetes to hypertension, from Gastrointestinal Disorders to Autism, from cancer to HIV to SARS and Alzheimer's and many, many more.

So why hasnt the world taken to colostrum en bloc?

I have heard of doctors who retorted,""what? cholesterol? Why would you want to take cholesterol?? Its bad for your health!

No! No! All this is rubbish, don't take it!" when a patient of mine approached a doctor to enquire about colostrum! A patient on Dialysis was STRONGLY condemned not to take "another rubbish MLM product" by a houseman in Klang GH when that patient enquired about colostrum. Nevermind the fact that his Head of Department already gave the green light for colostrum, and later reitrated it to me that the houseman was wrong. but the damage was already done.

These are examples of problems we face. When even health professionals are too engrossed in their own day-to-day routine to know about new and promising developments like this, how would the layman fare???

I know a thing or 2 about supplements. My mom did not give me her colostrum when i was born, coz she didn't know about it, and thought it was bad milk. As a result, i spend my early years as a sickly child. My dad did a lot of reading and research on many supplements in the market, and i can tell you a lot about multivitamins like Pharmaton, cod liver oil, Co-enzyme Q10, probiotics like OMX and so on. And today, we have Noni Juice, Acai Berry, Xango, Transfer factor, placenta, vitamin C injections and so on, which are all the craze in the market, with people swearing by it.

No doubt that as a doctor, the single most important cure or deficiency that most people lack, and that i recommend strongly, is water. Water is the basis for life, and most people don't realise how much difference just taking enough replenishment of water, would do to them. Yet, even taking too much water would lead to water intoxication and death!

So, yes, there are many things out there which we can take, and if its of good quality of manufacturing, and approved, will definitely help us. But there is nothing in the world better than your mother's milk, and the best substitute would be colostrum, and for anyone else besides newborn babies, the only choice we would have is cow's colostrum!

And in New Image New Zealand's Alpha Lipid LIFELINE colostrum, we have the world's best health supplement, which would protect us from many diseases and keep us healthy.

- A medical Doctor, Malaysia.

Taken from New Image Facebook note.

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