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Sunday, June 6, 2010

Alpha Lipid Testimonial 1


Ms Nurul Huda Mat Isa, 24 years old.

She was diagnosed for having allergic dermatitis at an early age. She had itchiness, skin infection and discoloration over her body. With Alpha Lipid, these problem has dissapeared.


Mr Ani Saad, 70 years old from Shah Alam, Selangor, Malaysia. 

He had frequent attack of gout and this problem become worsen after eating seafood or any product containing beans. However, after start using Alpha Lipid for FOUR weeks, he had no more attack when he took these foods. His gout problem is improving now. 

Arthristis / Mualgia

Mrs Zilla, 30 years old from Bandar Baru Bangi, Selangor, Malaysia. 

She suffered left knee problem for unknown reason. After drinking Alpha Lipid for THREE weeks, her knee problem dissapeared and she no longer felt tired as before.

Ms Zabahidah Mamat, 51 years old from Pasir Mas, Kelantan, Malaysia. 

She had knee problem quite long time already. She started to drink Alpha lipid for ONE month and she no longer have that problem during prayer. 

Leukocatoclastic Vasculitis

Inge Koschel, North Cairns, Queensland, Australia.

My condition is Leukocatoclastic Vasculitis which I have had for 10 years. I spent two years in hospital flat on my back. I had two hourly pain relief injections, I had 6 months of chemotherapy. When I left hospital I was still having pain relief injections every two hours. Also I was told I would never walk again.
Before I took the Alpha Lipid Lifeline, Colostem and Cellworx I was very bad health wise.
I was unable to walk, just able to get from the bed into my wheelchair and then to the toilet. I always had a helper with me as I had very little movement.

After about two months I felt a slight easing of movement and could shuffle a little. After time it got better and better and now I can walk on my own. I walk around my lounge about 17 times a day which is very good. I can walk 150 metres alone and half a kilometre with my wheelchair. I have also been dancing.
My pain level is much better only about half as bad as before, some days are better than others but I expect that from time to time. I was required to take large amounts of medication including morphine, I still take a small amount of medication but I am looking forward to reducing it even more.

Stomach problem
Wayne Hermansen, Norsewood, New Zealand

For some months I had been having trouble with my stomach - it seemed to be ‘fermenting’ day and night - just like ginger beer popping and fizzing. I heard of a friend with a similar problem who went to his doctor and was given one little white tablet, and was cured.
I decided I could handle one little white tablet. When I went to the doctor he put me in hospital for tests instead - four days without food - and tests and examinations in all parts of the body - not recommended! They found nothing. So they sent me home with no instructions as to what to eat, what not to, etc.
Within three days I was as bad again. I decided I’d give the Colostrum Drink a try as my wife suggested. Within three or four days of taking the Colostrum Drink my whole system had been restored to normal. I continued on with the whole course and have never looked back. I feel better now than I have for years!


P. Newson, Salt Lake City, UT.

I was diagnosed as having Blepharitis, an inflammation of the eyelids. Other areas on my face became red, itchy and swollen. I applied a topical steroid cream, which didn’t bring any relief. With Colostrum, my skin problem has completely cleared up! “I got a bad cold, which always goes into a serious sinus and bronchial infection requiring antibiotics. I started taking Colostrum – ½ tsp. 3 times a day. I was over my cold on the third day!

Helping for Pregnant

Mrs Rosila Ariffin, 31years old from Malaysia.

She got married June 2009 at age 30.They are a long distance marriage; she's in Kota Tinggi, Johor and her husband in Kuala Selangor.They met twice a month. After 4th month of marriage,she went to see doctor but got rejected because the doctor claimed that they were just gotten married. She took ALPHA LIPID LIFELINE after being introduced by  her office mate .And finally she got pregnant after a total of 4tins AL and a month taking folic asid.

Irratable Bowel

 Mal Hill, Bundaberg, 54 years old from Queensland, Australia

I have suffered from irritable bowel syndrome for 54 years. I have tried all sorts of remedies and been through tests by the hundreds without any real results.
My representative recommended that I try the Colostrum Drink. I thought “why not?”, and took two scoops. It was amazing! Within 24 hours I felt an improvement, and within a week, I felt so much better – now I can really life my life to the full, without having to worry about my health. This makes Colostrum a miracle for me, and it’s so easy and pleasant to take.

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Saturday, June 5, 2010

Rebate Calculation : Marketing Plan [Alpha LIpid & Slim Diet II] New Image International

Rebate calculation is based on product's  PV and in ONE calendar month.

Alpha Lipid Lifeline - 101 PV per can. Get extra 54 PV if you buy in 1 case lot (6 cans).

Slim Diet II - 65 PV per can. Get extra 40 if you buy in 1 case lot (6 cans).

Rebate percents are varies depend on membership level. Representatives are entitle to get from 4 to 16 percent rebate, whilst Supervisor and above entitles for 25 percent fixed rate. 

Example of calculation : 

Four cans Alpha Lipid Lifeline : 

Representative : 

4 * 101 PV = 404 PV. 

404 PV entitles for 4 % rebate. You will get RM 4 per can.
Total rebate :  RM4 * 4 cans = RM16.

Supervisor and above : 

4 * 101 PV = 404 PV. 

25 % * 404 PV = RM101.

You will earn more (RM85) compared to representative level. 

Eight cans Slim Diet II : 

Representative : 

6 * 65 PV =  390 PV + extra 40 PV (case lot).  
2 * 65 PV = 130 PV.

560 PV entitles for  8 % rebate. You will get RM 5.20 per can.
Total rebate :  RM5.20 * 8 cans = RM41.60.

Supervisor and above : 

6 * 65 PV =  390 PV + extra 40 PV (case lot).  
2 * 65 PV = 130 PV.

25 % * 560 PV = RM140.

You will earn more (RM98.40) compared to representative level. 

Rebate Table for Representative 

Alpha Lipid Lifeline : 

Slim Diet II / Ultra Diet II : 

Potential Income for each can : 

Representative : 

Rebate % + sale profit (AL - RM30, SDII - RM36)

Supervisor and above : 

Rebate 25 % + sale profit (AL - RM30, SDII - RM36)

For supervisor and above, rebate is fixed at 25 % without minimum PV/GV requirement.
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