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Friday, February 12, 2010

Slim Diet II (SD II) : Weight Loss Testimonials.

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Update : 29 June 2012

newly launched Alpha Lipid SDII and new testimonials (2012) special page. 



Asha Laila 
UIA Gombak, Malaysia.

Amazing Weight loss! 15KG in THREE weeks. She still can eat her favourite foods during diet. Meat, chicken, fish, seafood, etc. 

Analosa’s amazing weight loss story
Analosa has lost an amazing 54kg in three weeks using the Slim Diet programme. She decided to give it a try after a bad bout of asthma left her physically exhausted. She was confined to bed, and could hardly move. “My body just couldn’t cope”, Analosa recalls. “My mind wanted to work but I could hardly move, I had no strength in my left arm and my eyes were blurred.” Analosa started on the cleansing diet on November 6, weighing 145kg. She started on Slim Diet two days later and although she admits to ‘cheating a little’ along the way, she slimmed down rapidly to 91kg by the time she visited the New Image head office on November 26. Analosa’s goal is to get down to size 16 or 17. During her diet, she was too scared to use a scale on a daily basis - afraid that it might show her gaining weight again. Not so, and Analosa’s bubbly laugh, new figure, and new found energy all combine to tell the tale of her remarkable weight loss. Well done Analosa!

Jo Whitehouse Bulls
“40 kilos lighter in 7 months ”
In 7 months I have reduced from size 22+ to size 14, and yes the wedding dress fits again! My cholesterol has dropped to within the normal range (the doctor is now happy). All joint pain has disappeared, I sleep soundly knowing I am healthier and I no longer snore (so my kids tell me!).

The little things in life are so great again. Getting up from a lounge suite doesn’t take three attempts anymore. Cleaning is easier (still hate doing it though); I can fit easily behind the wheel of a car. Life is so much more enjoyable without having to drag an extra 40kg around.

I used to hate shopping for clothes, but even that is now fabulous. My daughter thinks it’s great as she usually benefits as well. I so cherish the times she lies on my bed while I try things on.

The Slim Diet II programme is so easy to follow. The food is what you eat everyday, it is very nutritional and there is plenty of it. Believe me you are never hungry. I eat real food, the same foods I used to eat, I just follow the programme.

Thank you Slim Diet II.

K.N. Leela, Singapore 
 “10 kg lost in 4 weeks”
I was 54kg and felt tired easily. I didn’t feel good at all. I was overweight for my small frame. I was a staff nurse and my job was very stressful in the hospital. Chris Tang recommended me to use the Slim Diet II Weight Loss. I was sceptical about its effectiveness, but I was thinking, “No harm in trying, the worst result would be no weight loss”.

Mr Chan “Incredible 4 inches in 1 week ”
“In less than one week on the Slim Diet II weight loss programme I lost an amazing 11.43cm (4 inches) from my waist and my tummy has become quite flat again. I have tried over 10 other kinds of weight loss methods in the past and this is the first one that has worked successfully, I am really looking forward to seeing forward to seeing myself after another few weeks on the Slim Diet II programme”.

My weight reduced to 44kg within four weeks and I’m still maintaining my new weight after eight months. Thanks to Slim Diet II.

Miss Lam Chui Wan
“My tummy has disappeared”
“I went on the Slim Diet II weight loss programme for six weeks and in that time I reduced my waist from 71.12cm (28 inches) to 62.23cm (24 inches). I lost 2.54cm (1 inches) from my arms and 5.08cm (2 inches) from my thighs, my tummy has disappeared and to my surprise my acne has cleared up!”

Ann Holm, NSW Australia
“Lost 18.5 kilos in 4 weeks”
I have lost 18.5 kilos in 4 weeks and am feeling on top of the world. After the first week using Slim Diet II, I didn’t seem to feel hungry at all.

Christine Thompson, Dunedin, New Zealand
I used to be “Big!”
Right through my life, I was what most people would consider to be ‘Big’. In June, 1995 I was wearing size 22 clothes and weighed 98kgs. I was drinking up to 18 cups of coffee a day, doing no exercise and suffering a lot of headaches. When I was introduced to the Slim Diet programme I wanted to start there and then, cost wasn’t a factor, I just wanted to be able to lose weight and get my health in order. With the Slim Diet 2 programme and added fibre, RDAs and Flax Oil and I was under way. Five weeks further on I was 78kgs and fitting into size 18s. By Christmas I was out buying size 14 clothing and went on to a maintenance programme using Metabolytes and UD3. I continued to lose weight and am now 64kgs and wearing a size 12 (a new wardrobe!) I feel so much healthier and fitter - physically and mentally.

Ms Robelle N. Punzalan, Philippines
Over 14.5kg lost in one month using Slim Diet
I was pampered (food wise) when I was young. This led me to gain unwanted weight. I spent a lot of money and effort to slim down, attending health clinics but it was all in vain. I started with Slim Diet, Fibre, RDAs, CoQ10 and Gymnema. Within ten days I couldn’t believe what I saw on the scales, I had lost 4.5kg (10lbs). I lost a total of 14.96kg (33lbs) in one month. When it came to being photographed, I always hid a part of my big self because I was so ashamed. The ‘after’ photo shows me today 33lbs less.

More info about Slim Diet II.

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