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Monday, February 22, 2010

Slim Diet II (SD II) : Unique Benefits

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  • It is completely NATURAL, SAFE, rapid and COST EFFECTIVE !
  • Based on sales in Asia Pasific region, New Image's Slim Diet II product have rid the world of over 6000 tons (6 million KG) of fat over the last 21 years!
  • There are no ravenous hunger pains and a satisfying volume of food is consumed daily
  • You can measure, by  means of a simple test, whether you are burning fat or not (ketone sticks). 
  • You lost ONLY FAT, not your lean body tissue (as in low calorie diets), thereby maintaining good muscle and skin tone. 
  • Detoxification and cleansing of your body's system is AUTOMATIC. 

  • The plan offers great encouragement, as weight loss is more rapid then any other programme based on calorie or exercise principles. 
  • Identification of your body's metabolic rate (critical carbohydrate level).
  • Countless thousands of men and women have experienced Slim Diet II. They have lost weight and continue to keep the weight off!
  • Establishes the basis and knowledge to maintain weight control forever.

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