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Monday, July 14, 2014

Alpha Lipid Lifeline @Istanbul, Turkey

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I still remember the last time i sent AL lifeline to Turkey was about two years ago. It was a nightmare for me as it was seized by Turkey custom  officers! They asked for 100 EURO per tin which i didnt think it's worth to pay. So, i have asked for the products to be returned to Malaysia. It's about 50 tins of AL lifeline and i had to bear all the cost for return shipment and also majority of tins become dented :(


Now, after two years, i got an enquiry from customer in Turkey, asking for this product to be shipped there. She is regular user of AL lifeline and previously ordered from different supplier. It's very difficult to get this product locally now in Turkey as existing dealer stop supplying the product to local market in Turkey.

My first shipment to Turkey this year was 2 tins AL lifeline using normal parcel service. it took about 2-3 weeks to be delivered to my customer. 2nd shipment was 3 tins AL lifeline using express shipment(EMS) which took about 1 weeks to arrive. And this time, it passed thru custom check!  :)

A few pictures from my customer at Istanbul, Turkey[ 10th July 2014]

Whatsapp : +6012 989 2612
email : farhan_alphalipid@yahoo.com

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